Welcome Jason Lawrence and Nick Wey to the Family!

2XL moto team

2XL moto team

2XL has signed on to support the Boost Mobile/AMPM/Monster Energy/Troy Racing race team and will be rocking with JLaw and Nick from Supercross to the Outdoors for the 2009 season! Jlaw and crew are stoked to be on board with 2XL and is already piping the loudest, rowdiest rock & roll music into his ears and above the din of the 97-plus decibel 250F he’s been religiously clicking off laps on.

“These things rock,” yelled Lawrence moments after he first plugged the set of 2XL Snake Eyes hanger buds into his iPod.

And a new partnership was born!

“JLaw personifies the brand, attitude and scope of 2XL and we’re looking forward to him representing with the 2XL products this year and beyond,” said 2XL’s Tom Brady. “Product orientation, graphics, attribute – JLaw’s all that which it’s about.”

“The kid rips and has the swagger and speed to go with it, and I back that 100%.” Added Jason Kimball, Sports Marketing Manager for 2XL

With Lawrence returning as the defending WSX Lites Champ, 2XL aligns itself with podium credibility right out of the gate in terms of flat out Supercross visibility. But better yet 2XL gains instant street cred with the legions of hard-driving young Supercross fans that look at JLaw as one of their own. His punk attitude may not sit always well with corporate suits, but in the world of rock & roll – and delivering it to your ears - it’s paramount!

Check out the crew rocking with 2XL at each and every Supercross the season, go to www.sxgp.com for the full race schedule and info.

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