2XL welcomes Brian Keselowski to the family!

2XL has officially signed on with the #26 Dodge driven by Brian “the Bull” Keselowski on the NASCAR Nationwide Series for 2009. Brian and the K-Automotive crew share the same passion with 2XL when it comes to results and putting in the “blue collar” work to get things done.  Working on loud race cars all day now sounds much sweeter with 2XL on board and on the team.

“Rock, metal, anything that gets my blood pumping before I race.” Brian says. “I’ve known the crew at 2XL for some time and it’s great to get to work with them and take things to the next level.”

And so a new partnership was born and Brian will now be taking the music to the people on a weekly basis with his #26 Dodge on the NASCAR Nationwide Series!

“Brian is not about handouts, he works hard for what he has and we have a ton of respect for that.” Added Jason Kimball, Sports Marketing Manager for 2XL “The image of NASCAR has changed over the years, from Drivers to teams and Brian represents what the times are all about right now. Brian is the fans driver, they can relate to his struggles as an up and coming racer, he doesn’t have a company that just signs a check and says thanks letting us be part of your team. Brian works with each and every company and gets involved with what they want to accomplish. We respect that and that is a major reason we support his efforts.”

With that being said, Brian and the K-Automotive team have launched a new aspect to the race business. K-Automotive will have at select races this year the 2XL/Bull26.com support trailer, selling 2XL headphones and ear buds to the masses to support the team’s race efforts. The headphones are great for listening to your scanner at the track and have the style and sound quality to take home with you and jam your tunes wherever you go. 2XL has headphones that meet the demands of every NASCAR fans hard charging lifestyle.

Check out the crew rocking with 2XL at each and every NASCAR Nationwide race this season, go to www.nascar.com  for the full race schedule and info and visit www.bull26.com for all the updates on Brian Keselowski and the K-Automotive team.


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